We are a great people who merely need infrastructural development and power supply to create a better Abia. We’ll make public safety/security top priority.

Geographically, Abia State is located at the epicenter of the South-East and is a gateway to the coastal States of Rivers, Akwa Ibom and Cross Riverstates. It is also bounded by Imo, Anambra, Enugu and Ebonyi States. It has the potential to attract commercial, cultural and leisure tourists, as well as quality jobs and investments. Abia is home to Aba, the nerve of Commerce and home-grown industrial capacity.

However, the current security situation in the state makes the realization of these potentials difficult and almost impossible. Many Abians in diaspora have demonstrated the willingness to come home and invest their skills and material resources in the state, given the right incentives.Regrettably, the current level of insecurity in the state makes the achievement of its full economic potentials extremely difficult. Some of the few who brave the odds to come home and explore investment opportunities, fall victim to violent crimes. It is obvious, therefore, that we must tackle the menace of insecurity, if Abia must thrive economically.

We will make security one of the top priorities of our government. We will provide a comprehensive security architecture which will involve all stakeholders in our communities and the use of well-trained and motivated personnel, empowered with cutting edge technology for combating crime. We will initiate a public-private partnership strategy which will mobilize funds to establish the Abia State Security Trust Fund tomobilise adequate materials and provide institutional support for the Nigeria Police Forceand other security agencies in the state, for the provision of critical tools; such as operational vehicles and communications gadgets etc.

Also a community policing program involving neighborhood watch and vigilante groups, will be integrated into the global security system to monitor and gather intelligence. This will be information technology driven powered by data-enabled devices, advanced information and sensor systems, data bases and forensic technologies. We shall, however, be mindful of excesses of some of the vigilante groups to ensure they don’t become a state within a state as experienced in the past.