The programme on education will ensure that no Abia child is left behind. We will provide free and compulsory education from primary school up to the end of Junior secondary school. The education programme will have bias for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, STEM. We will aim at partnering with major technology vendors to promote skills acquisition in all the institutions of higher learning. Others will be

- To vigorously pursue the reintroduction of boarding facilities in public secondary schools, as this will inculcate leadership qualities in the youths. - To emphasize technical and vocational training so as to improve on the skills and entrepreneurial development of students - Improve on the Technical Training Centres. - Invest in training the teachers to upgrade their skills and numbers - Improve the working conditions and remuneration of teachers to make the profession attractive once again. - To ensure prompt payment of salaries and allowances to teachers unlike what is obtainable at the moment. - To upgrade the learning environment by investing in modern facilities including infrastructure, libraries and laboratories that can compete with the best anywhere. - Complete the handover of schools to original owners.