A comprehensive healthcare policy will be formulated and implemented to replace the current failed system in Abia State. As part of the plan to revamp, reform and restore the ailing healthcare sector, a harmonization of the federal, state and local government health care plans will be carried out to incorporate the National Strategic Health Development Plan (NSHDP) with appropriate costing, complemented with robust capacity building.

Abia State will develop a strategic Health Development Plan termed “Strategic Health Development Initiative” that will articulate strategies for implementing the state’s Health care policy.

An active program that promotes complementarity in harnessing both public and private hospitals and healthcare facilities in the state will be pursued for effective healthcare delivery. We will develop Govt initiative to categorise, certify and collaborate with privately owned hospitals and healthcare facilities to recognise and designate them as part of a state-wide pool of health facilities that are required to enable enhanced and captive delivery of basic, advanced and specialist healthcare to Abians. This will ensure that a wider network of hospitals and healthcare facilities whether publicly or privately owned are effectively organised duly harnessed for enhanced and more effective healthcare delivery in the state.