We are business-oriented in Abia, and I know how money and business work best. We’ll industrialize Abia, invest in agriculture, oil and gas, digital media and technology, healthcare, road networks, furniture, fabrication, fashion and create the enabling environment for all to flourish.

Like was earlier highlighted, Aba is known as a strong trade and commerce Centre in the country. It has acquired that reputation over and above some other major towns. Like some people say, anything you can’t find in Aba cannot be found anywhere else in Nigeria. This may have been a hyperbole, but it takes nothing away from the essence. Our government will reinforce the position of Aba as the “go to” place to buy anything. For this to happen, the drivers must all be available. Good roads, security, clean environment, education, and healthcare delivery, amongst other issues are drivers for a successful trade and commerce outpost. Another reason we must focus on this is to reduce the number of unemployed people in the state as a lot of our people acquire trading skills from cradle.

In terms of the physical location of the markets, most of them are in terrible states, lacking conveniences and safety. Access to some of them has become impossible because of failed roads and drainages. It is the job of government to maintain the markets from where it generates internal revenue. We shall rehabilitate all the economically viable markets and build new ones where necessary.We would develop strategic partnership with investors with expertise in constructing markets to build ultra-modern as well as specialized markets. Government will discourage encroachment of markets on the roads to improve traffic, prevent accidents and ensure general ambience and decency of market towns.